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Why Should You Choose An Apple Repair Store in Colorado Springs?

Water damage, broken screens, and the whole nine yards — we are an apple phone repair in Colorado Springs, CO, that does it all. If your device is beyond repair, we may be able to offer you a purchase price or accept it in trade for a working model.

We can repair any problem, big or small, including water damage, broken screens, and everything in between. Even if we can’t fix your equipment, we might be able to buy it from you or swap it out for a working one.

You no longer have a warranty on your iPhone and have just broken the screen or flushed it down the toilet. Or perhaps it’s just not functioning properly.

Is the Apple Store the best place to get this fixed, or should I go to one of the apple phone repair shop in Colorado Springs, CO?

Even though the first choice may be the one that comes to mind immediately, more and more individuals are opting to take their iPhones to a repair shop these days. This article will explain why.


The out-of-warranty fee that an Apple Store will demand, no matter the nature of the repair, will nearly always be more than the cost at a local cell phone repair shop in Colorado Springs, CO.

Just how much greater? We can say that Apple’s iPhone repair rates for users without AppleCare+ coverage can range from $29 to $599, depending on the model of the iPhone and the nature of the repair.


The Apple Store offers a 90-day guarantee on repairs made by its technicians for customers whose devices are no longer covered by Apple’s warranty service program.

This is why many small, local repair companies provide their own reliable guarantees. Every premium iPhone screen repair we perform here at Gadget Bro’s is backed by a 90-day warranty, and all of our other parts and labor come with a 6-month warranty.


It’s not easy to arrange an appointment at the Apple Store; most customers have to wait at least a few days. Even though walk-ins are welcome at most establishments, you may have to wait several hours for service.

In comparison, getting an iPhone fixed by a third-party apple phone repair shop in Colorado Springs, CO, is a far more expedient option. Gadget Bro’s is among the several that attempt to accommodate emergency repairs on the same day. In rare cases, technicians may only need an hour to fix the problem.

Choosing the Right iPhone Repair Shop

Do homework before visiting an apple phone repair in Colorado Springs, CO, if you need service.

Repairing an iPhone involves specialized knowledge, so it’s best to find a service that has been around for a while. Find out if they use original, high-quality parts instead of cheaper, less dependable aftermarket parts. Find a place with upfront pricing and a solid warranty on work done by checking out their reviews from satisfied customers.

Gadget Bro’s is the place to go whenever your iPhone breaks. We exclusively use genuine Apple components, and our specialists have years of experience mending every iPhone model. The costs of repairs are listed on our website, and we offer a money-back guarantee on all of our work.

It’s really convenient to get an iPhone fixed at Gadget Bro’s phone repair store. We’ve got repair shops all around Colorado, and we can usually finish a job the same day you bring it in.

Gadget Bros is a local, independent phone repair store and pc repair that offers quick, low-cost service. Please visit one of our Colorado locations or give us a call now.