Troubleshooting Wifi

Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Issues By Apple Phone Repair

Android Wi-Fi issues are typically not a major deal because they can usually be resolved with a few clicks. On Android, Wi-Fi disconnections can be unpleasant, especially if you’re trying to view a crucial live broadcast or download a file with a time limit. At Gadget Bros, we help you deal with all kinds of connectivity issues and other problems related to your phone. We are proud to have an unmatchable reputation in the market due to our great customer service and premium quality repair services.

Given below are a few quick fixes for your Wi-Fi problems. If these techniques don’t work, you are welcome to ask for our assistance.

How to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Issues By Apple Phone Repair?

Reboot your Phone

We advise that you restart your phone to fix the Wi-Fi connection issue before attempting any additional fixes, as is the case with fixing many smartphone difficulties.

Wi-Fi disconnecting on your phone could be a momentary software/hardware issue. The good news is that most of the time, a device reboot can fix the issue. If you need any assistance, you can call a reliable Android repair and apple phone repair in Colorado Springs CO.

Shut Off and Reconnect

When you first connect an Android device to a Wi-Fi network, the network information is stored on the device. As a result, you can join the network without having to repeatedly input your password. The process may go wrong on your phone if there is something wrong with the connection.

You will need to manually establish the connection once this happens. You must “forget” that point and “reconnect” to the WiFi network from scratch. As follows:

The instructions provided in this article may not work with all Android devices or versions.

  • To access Quick Settings on your Android device, swipe down twice from the top of the screen.
  • To access the WiFi network settings, press the WiFi tile for a long time.
  • Next, tap the network you want to connect to. It should appear in the “Saved networks” section.
  • Select the WiFi name, then tap Forget. By doing this, the network will be removed from your device.
  • To reconnect, tap the network under “Available networks” and enter the password.
  • Delete previous and other Wi-Fi networks
  • If you’ve connected to a Wi-Fi network before, your device will attempt to connect to that network whenever possible. In other words, as long as you’ve connected to each Wi-Fi network at least once, your device can try switching between them if there are several in the area.

While it does this to give you the finest and fastest network connection available, there are situations when it can be an issue. In most instances, that is what happens when Android Wi-Fi repeatedly disconnects and reconnects. In this situation, you can call a cell phone repair store for some assistance.

You need to delete all of the networks from your phone’s memory so it can concentrate on just one network at a time to solve that and enjoy your current Wi-Fi network. To forget all the networks, simply follow the same instructions as previously. You can also choose to reset Wi-Fi, Mobile, and Bluetooth by going to Settings System Reset choices.

Start your Wi-Fi router again.

When the Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on Android, restarting the router can be helpful, much like restarting your phone. The hardware of the router will typically be reset, which will resolve any underlying issues with the internet.

If your router is plugged into a power source, we advise unplugging it, letting it sit for a moment, and then plugging it back in. That should be plenty to renew the system.
The power button is located on the hardware if you use a router or Mi-Fi that runs on batteries. You can use it to shut off the router or restart it; instructions are provided in the user handbook.
Similarly, just restart your phone if it’s linked to a Mobile Hotspot.
To see if it now functions correctly try reconnecting your Android phone to the network once more.

Locate the Wi-Fi Network Closest to You

The Wi-Fi connection may be impacted by the distance in addition to router or Android phone troubleshooting. So, if your phone’s Wi-Fi continues dropping connections, make sure you’re in range of the connection.

Watch the Wi-Fi signal strength in your status bar to see if you’re too far from the network. If the signal quality is poor, you should move a little bit closer to the router.

If it’s your home network, you might try relocating the router so it can serve the entire building. You are forced to get closer to the network source if it is a public network.

To Wind it Up!

At Gadget Bros, we have a highly competent team of professional experts that can help you deal with any kind of phone issue. We are one of the top-rated phone repair Colorado Springs CO, due to our incomparable experience and expertise. Contact us today to get your gadget repair.