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MacBook Air Battery Draining While Plugged In: Guide By Apple Phone Repair

Is your MacBook Air battery draining while plugged in? Don’t worry we are here your help. This guide will discuss the best solutions to help you with the battery draining of your Macbook Air when plugged in. By the end of the article, you will be able to fix this issue yourself and enjoy the efficient battery performance of your MacBook Air. If you are still having problems, look for the professional help from apple phone repair in Colorado Springs, CO. Gadget Bro’s is always there to help you with your Apple gadget repair needs. We have skilled professionals with years of experience dealing with different Apple device problems.

Apple Phone Repair Solutions For Your MacBook Air Battery Drainage 

Here we will talk about the most appropriate solutions by apple phone repair in Colorado Springs, CO to help you with your MacBook Air battery drainage problem. This problem might be due to using a non-working power outlet for charging your MacBook. Or because of using a faulty power adaptor. Moreover, a bad battery condition can further lead to this issue, followed by problems like overheating. Last but not least, there might be some issue with the hardware or software of your device, causing the battery drainage problem.

Power Outlets Not Working

This might be a major reason your MacBook Air battery drains fast while on charge. Using power outlets compromises the power supply provided to your device. This ultimately takes more time to charge your MacBook Air and can lead to problems like fast battery drainage. Once your device drains out, it will automatically shut down, and no power supply will reach it to charge the battery. To get help with this problem, try changing the power outlet you use to charge your laptop and see if it helps.

Faulty Power Adapter

The MacBook Air charger is commonly known as an adaptor and works as a power source for charging the Macbook Air battery. Using a faulty power adaptor will cause trouble in the charging process of your device. As a result, your Macbook won’t charge properly. Sometimes you get an error notification on your screen if the charger is not good for your device. Make sure to change your adaptor and then see if this helps. Visit a phone repair store to get your adapter fixed or purchase a new one compatible with your MacBook Air. 

Defective Battery

Sometimes the problem is not with the power outlet or the adaptor. Rather, it is the battery creating all the trouble. If you have used the same battery for years, you might need help with fast battery drainage problems while putting your device on charge. Worn-out batteries have difficulty getting charged properly and retaining the charging. The memory effect is the most common problem causing battery problems in your device. Go to an electronics repair in Colorado Springs, CO, to see new batteries for your MacBook Air. One thing to keep in mind here is to purchase a high-quality battery that shows excellent compatibility with your device. 


MacBook Air overheating is also a major cause of fast battery drainage when charging your device. The thermal protection feature is already installed in your Macbook to prevent it from getting overheated and causing more issues stop but if the overheating process starts once this protective mechanism shuts down automatically. If the overheating process has begun, there is no way to cool it down. Ensure the cooling vents are mean and free of any blockage. Or also see other components of your device, including the processor or fans. For this, ensure to install a high-quality cooling system in your device. Get the fan or processor replaced if they are causing an issue in the overheating protection of your device.

Hardware Or Software Issue 

Because of software or hardware issues, you might also need help with fast battery drainage problems when putting your MacBook Air on charge. In this case, the most common hardware problem is installing new hardware components in your device, creating battery problems. While the most common software issue leading to battery drainage is installing failed updates in your device with automatic updates settings. You might get notifications for software issues on your screen, or you can ask a technician to troubleshoot the problem. Seek technical help from a mobile repair shop for all your software or hardware issues related to your MacBook Air. 


This was all about the battery drainage issue often faced by MacBook Air users when charging the device. You can go through the different reasons and solutions related to this issue mentioned above and take suitable measures accordingly. If you are still having the problem, make sure to ask for professional apple phone repair in Colorado Springs CO services to fix the device. Trying to fix your device yourself might damage it even more. Gadget Bro’s can help you with affordable and reliable repair services for your MacBook Air.