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Failure to Upgrade Phone Apps by Apple Phone Repair

We use our smartphones to run a variety of applications these days, including social media apps, gaming, and more. These programs must be regularly updated whenever the firm releases a new update to function properly.

When Google Play Store doesn’t update the app after selecting the update button, updating apps might occasionally present an issue. The only thing we can see is an updating icon, but the program isn’t updated.

As apps can’t function correctly without an update, this can cause issues. In this situation, you can take your phone to an apple phone repair in Colorado Springs CO. At Gadget Bros, we take care of all of your phone-related hardware and software issues with great expertise and care.

There are several ways you can consider to fix this problem. Read below to learn more about them.

Phone Apps Upgradation Failure by Apple Phone Repair

1.Poor Internet

The App Store cannot update apps on your phone unless you have a steady internet connection. Check your internet connection and wait for it to become steady if you are having trouble upgrading your apps. Verify that you have sufficient network bars or a functional Wi-Fi connection before checking your internet connection.

To check your internet speed, utilize a speed test website online. If stronger internet access is required, you can also change it. An electronics repair in Colorado Springs CO always has good internet and therefore you should consider this option.

2. Device Storage

Your device’s lack of storage space is one of the main causes of Android app update failures. If there is not enough room, your phone’s applications won’t update. Manually delete files and media to clear up space to remedy this problem. But since this takes time, you can utilize an app to delete unnecessary files.

3. Make sure the Play Store app’s cache is empty.

Sometimes temporary files in the form of a cache prevent the settings changes from taking place even though the updates call for them. Therefore, you should delete the Play Store’s cache data before updating your apps. This routine keeps the apps operating without hiccups. Steps are

You can do this on your own or take help from an android and apple phone repair Colorado Springs CO. If you want to do it yourself, check the following steps.

  • Open the app info menu by long-tapping the Google Play Store.
  • Access the menu for cache and storage.
  • From the menu that appears, select clean cache.

4. Automatic app updates

Additionally, Android has the option of background app auto-updates. To manually update apps, one does not need to frequently visit the Play Store. To activate auto-update apps, follow these steps:

  • Tap the profile menu at the top of the Google Play Store after opening it on your Android device.
  • The Network Preferences tab can be found under Settings.
  • Choose “Auto Update Apps”.
  • Select Over Wi-Fi only or Over any network to update apps on.
  • To exit the Play Store, click Done. The Google Play Store app will then take care of the app updates in the background.

5. Check the date and time.

When your phone’s date or time is off, some system apps operate differently. Verify the accuracy of the time and date.

  • On Android, tap “Settings.”
  • Click System, then choose “Date and Time.”
  • Switch on the Use network-provided time and Use network-provided time zone options.
  • Try updating apps once again by returning to the Play Store.

6. Stop Google Play Store by force

The Play Store services can be fully disabled in the background, allowing you to update apps from scratch. You can refer to a cell phone repair store or follow the given steps:

  • Open the app information menu by long pressing the Play Store icon.
  • Click Force halt, then select your choice.
  • Open Google Play Store, exit the app, and update your apps without any difficulties.

7. Remove Google Play Store updates.

In the meanwhile, Google keeps updating the Play Store with new appearance and functionality. To ensure that your app works properly on the Play Store, you must uninstall any updates that you installed using an APK file from a source other than Google. Follow the directions below:

  • The app info menu may be accessed by long-pressing the Play Store app icon.
  • Select “Uninstall updates” by tapping the 3-dot menu at the top.

8. Allow unlimited data usage in the Play Store

Unrestricted data consumption for the app must be enabled if you wish to keep utilizing Android’s Data Saver mode without having it have an impact on the Play Store. In this manner, Play Store will function regularly even when Data Saver Mode is activated.

  • To access the “App details” menu, long-press the Google Play Store icon on your Android device.
  • Navigate to the option for mobile data and Wi-Fi.
  • Turn on the unlimited data usage switch.


Therefore, if you are unable to update programs on an Android device, one of the above techniques will assist you. If your issue remains unsolved, contact us at the official website of Gadget Bros and you are all sorted. We are the top-rated apple phone repair Colorado Springs CO, and will not disappoint you at all.